We now accept payment for fees and dues via PayPal.  The fee/due structure is listed below.  When you click on the payment button below, you will be taken to PayPal where you will enter your amount you wish to pay.  If these are for dues, you will have the option to make this a recurring payment.

The yearly registration fee covers our insurance premiums, background checks for adults, and the group necker. Monthly dues are $10 for a single scout or $20 for a family. This covers meeting supplies costs and proficiency badges (when earned). These can be paid on a monthly basis or annually in advance. 183rd Tonkawa is a 501(c) 3 and dues may be considered donation by certain employers that may be willing to match donations. Please see our Group Coordinator for our tax id number if you would like to set-up a matched donation. 183rd Tonkawa does have a scholarship fund if you would like to contribute to it.

We will hold fund raisers throughout the year in hopes to offset some of these costs. It is our intent that all members enjoy our group activities, so if fees are holding you or your family back, reach out to us regarding our scholarship program. Financial status will never exclude a member from participating in our events.

Monthly Dues:

$10 per single member, per month

$20 per family, per month

Yearly Registration Fees:

$60 for a single member, $45 per additional member, with a cap at $150, regardless of the number of members in the family.

Additional Fees:

There will likely be additional fees that pertain to activities the group may participate in such as camping, visiting parks that charge a fee, etc. Any activity fees collected will go directly to said activity and not to the group.